5 Easy Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Space

5 Easy Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Space

With the increasing population worldwide, our living space is becoming smaller day by day. You are not the only one stressing over how to decorate your small living space. Designers face this situation in their day-to-day work and there are some neat interior design ideas you can DIY. No one likes a cluttered space or a dark dingy one. Take it from the expert, Dawn Crovo, an interior designer in Annapolis, Arnold MD! These easy ideas will transform your home magnificently.

1. Paint the Walls with Refreshing Colors and Patterns

Nothing enlivens the interiors or can give it an ultimate refreshing appearance easier. Paint your walls in refreshingly bright colors or go with dark shades. Yes, you don’t need to compromise your style and personality to fit the small space. Go for some textured paint techniques or wallpaper can also do the trick.

2. Add a Focal Point

Every residential interior designer creates a focal point in all their home designs that attracts everyone and sets the tone of the whole space. For instance, the Sofa set or the tea table is the main center point in the living room. Therefore, to give a completely new look to your interior, the first and foremost thing you can do is to introduce a new focal point to the room. Perhaps a book-shelve or an art collection, pottery, etc.

3. Incorporate Greens

Make the key areas of your home feel refreshed by incorporating houseplants. Adding greenery anywhere in the small space or windows will make your home inviting. Fill up that tricky area with potted plants, greenery, and trees, where nothing fits. Give a new life and depth to your corner area by combining different green plants at varying heights. To save floor space, you can use hanging planters. No matter how small your space is, a splash of green can lift it.

4. Mirror and Reflection Play

Interior designers have been using mirrors to decorate small spaces for a long time. It is a trick you must borrow. The idea is to place a mirror at the eye-level that will reflect other parts of the home or the light coming into it. Adding mirrors in the interior is not only a budget-friendly renovation option but it allows to make small rooms look larger. The best way to reflect maximum light into the room is to place a mirror on your largest wall. You can also fit mirrored cupboard doors. Cupboards will provide storage to fit everything properly and the mirror is to look stylish and trendy.

5. Decorate the Floor with Rugs

The floor is often ignored but shouldn’t. Add a rug and your living space will cheer up then and there. Rugs provide a sense of character and personality to the area where they are placed. A simple throw rug can do much. It will also provide an illusion of divisions in the small living space. It will automatically, therefore, look like a bigger room.

Use these 5 artistic Interior Design Ideas that “trick” our minds or, reshape how we see interior spaces. It’s much more of a mind game than people comprehend. Interior design is both science and art! The work of a Top Interior Designer in Arnold MD, Annapolis, like Dawn Crovo, is to mold those sensations or feelings in an optimistic direction that makes someone want to devote time to a room. At, Dawn Crovo Interior Design Fir, we also provide “One Day Styling”, intended for local Maryland clients who need a refresh of their space or are looking for help pulling all the finishing touches together. Get in touch today!