5 Magic Principles of Interior Design You Must Know!

Interior Design determines both the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Modern interior design includes much more than determining which pillows and drapes bond the room altogether. Designing a space involves a lot of thoughts and knowledge. It is a perfect amalgamation of art and science. Expert interior designershave certain principles that help them create magical changes in any space. Here are 5 principles you should know to design any space like a pro.

1. Unity and Harmony

While designing any space, you must consider the final look of the entire space in totality. You may have different ideas but do they go together? Choose a style or a combination of two styles that look good together. It is always advisable to maintain that style all over your home. A common style and theme throughout your home will make a massive effect, automatically making it look “put together” or professionally designed.

2. Color & Theme

The right way to create a theme or storyline throughout a space is by playing with colors. You can choose 3 to 4 base hues and combine their shades and tints to create a space of harmony. While using varying shades throughout the house consider a color matching wheel to know for sure.

3. Balance of Elements

Balance in interior design simply means a harmonious distribution of visual weight. Elements here can be characterized by shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. With unified basic elements, you should be able to create a visually comfortable and pleasing overall look. Now this unified look must have a balance. It can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Symmetrically balanced spaces feature a focal point, elements lying similarly to each side. This is demonstrated on one-point perspectives in painting and visual graphics. An asymmetrically balanced space may not be similar in color or style but the elements will be in harmony, creating a unifying space.

4. Focal Point

Aprofessionally decorated space will always have a focal point of two. Nobody likes a boring house. A professional will always create a space with one or more focal points, depending on the space. A focal point simply means a space that is though created with the same taste of elements, attracts eyes the most. It is a well-defined space with a signature element like a flower vase, wall hanging, clocks, mirror, or something like that.

5. Touch of Details

After you have focused on all the other principles and have designed a space that you are happy with, don’t forget to add finishing touches with details. These details define one interior designer from another. This is where they put their signature style to shine. Trimming on the lampshade or the color of the piping on the scatter cushions maty sound negligible to you but an expert designer knows the value of each and every detail. Details should not be obvious but they should be right, enhancing the overall feel of a room.

The work of an interior designer in Arnold MD, Annapolis, is to mold all the elements of designing and emotions in an optimistic direction that makes someone want to devote time to a room. Contact Dawn, the principal designer at Dawn Crovo Interior Design firm, to get the home of your dreams.