5 Most Effective Modern Interior Design Ideas

5 Most Effective Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern interior design aesthetics have no rulebook! While traditional decor is beautifully timeless, modern interior design promotes artistic freedom. It creates the window of self-expression, providing room for experimentation. Interior designers play with your space and its different attributes. For example, light, color, dimensions, textures etc. Modern interior decor creates the canvas with white space, sleek materials and clean lines. Here are some effective ideas to create powerful contemporary impact on the spaces with creativity.

1. Play with Colors

Blue is the New black! Don’t be afraid of dark shades. If you have a tiny space then try to have a dark colored accent wall. Blue is contemporary and has an elegant appeal. This color fits everywhere—from a bedroom to private dining. Also another great color scheme is to go for greys. The minimalist color is elegant and calming. The right shade combined with statement pieces is just the look you need.

2. Use Lacquer-Effect Wallpaper

Real lacquer can become tad high-maintenance, especially if you have a kid around. Instead, use the lacquer-effect wallpapers. It will look equally gorgeous and will be a lot easier to repair or clean.

3. Paint on Faux Molding

Here’s a sneaky trick! Wooden moldings or any regular moldings will up the interior designing budget. However, paint can create an illusion of the same at a negligible amount. It will create an artsy modern decor feeling as well. The era of art and minimalism! There is no ceiling molding? Or, door molding? Add them with paint!

4. Recycle and Upcycle

Mix your existing decor items with new modern decor to upcycled the old. Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires. Dawn at Dawn Crovo Interior Design, knows to appreciate a vast variety of design styles. She successfully combines different old and new elements guided with her portfolio of residential design experience. Modern interior design includes much more than determining which pillows and drapes bond the room altogether. Interior design is both science and art!

5. Use Some Tall furniture

Tall furnitures will create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Tall pieces in a low-height room will elongate the room dimension. If you have a high ceiling already, your ticket to create a cozy space is short furnishings. It’s already just an illusion.

An expert interior designer knows that the design process is about creating an illusion at the right space. It is to play with the natural elements and shape a space according to your preferences.

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