6 Tips For Building Your Waterfront Custom Home

Waterfront Interior Design Services

Beauty and functionality are the main features of by carefully balancing natural textures with unique textiles, one can do wonders to your home interiors. However, when it comes to the home front, the design approach is a little different. Create fresh open spaces that are inspired by the senses. Blending the home with its natural surroundings is the best way to decorate the entrance of your home. A custom waterfront serves the purpose well with style. Here are a few tips for building your waterfront custom home:

1. Appropriate Consultation

Without proper consultation and guidance, no home can be made. Once a consultation has been scheduled, the waterfront custom homes designer will meet you personally or via video conference. You can choose as per your preference. Discuss carefully the details of your design needs and determine how the designer can help to bring your vision to life. The waterfront designer should confirm the consultation and request any additional information needed in advance.

2. Designing the Concept of a Waterfront Custom Home

Upon receiving all the needed information including floor plans, inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, budget, etc. the designer will schedule a design kick-off meeting This meeting will allow you to discuss your preferences and goals for the design. From there, he will start with the layout and design direction. Then, he will bring the layout to life with design boards and renderings that include options for color palettes, furnishings, finishes, fixtures, etc. Everyone must be collectively aligned on an approved concept for every space before selecting materials or purchase anything.

3. Project Details

When the design concept is approved, the chosen interior design services will make a detailed plan finalized quote for your approval. This includes specification of furnishing/decor and selecting the construction materials that bring the approved design to life. This could include sourcing and purchasing flooring, slabs, paint, furniture, lighting and plumbing fixtures, window treatments, appliances, etc. The waterfront custom homes designer also purchases and arranges all materials associated with the design on your behalf. They partner with a host of trusted vendor for best prices and materials. Upon the completion of this phase it is time to prepare for construction and/or final install (if applicable).

4. Project Execution

When all are finalized and all items are ordered, the waterfront designer will begin executing the installation and final styling. On renovation or new construction jobs, this will include overall construction project management and coordination with your contractor.

5. One Day Styling

One Day Styling is intended for the clients who need upgradation of their space or are looking for finishing touches. Styling includes the rearrangement of existing furniture, and the additional elements like pillows, plants and decor. This service is best suited for homes that have all furniture in place but need the details to bring together a cohesive look.

6. Design Shop

This service is intended for clients that need assistance with designing a layout and sourcing furnishings/decor (light construction only). If you’re local to Maryland’s shore, go for Dawn Crovo Interior Design to execute the install and styling of your custom home waterfront. If you’re remote, DCID will execute all purchasing on your behalf. You can order a premade setting and install on your own!

For Special Interior Design Services, Dawn Crovo have a 3-room minimum deal, making it perfect for smaller-scale projects! For an Exquisite Interior Design Service in Annapolis Contact Us!