7 Living Room Remodeling Ideas for Tight Budgets

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Getting your living room remodeling done on a budget need not mean buying one piece of furniture at a time. Neither should it mean window-shopping and saving for years before you let your dreams come true. Using a little imagination and spending time on perspectives can help you update your space for less and, even give your living room a complete makeover.

This article lists the 7 most convenient yet creative ways to perform a living room remodel on a budget.

1. Move your furniture around: Re-arranging your furniture is one of the easiest and most obvious methods to get your room redone. It also gives you a chance to look at your living room from a different perspective. Move your coffee table to one side or further away. Push your sofa away from the wall or move it to another wall. You may want to take away the clutter and remove some furniture just to get more space out of your room. Experiment with layouts and think of setting up different art pieces to replace your TV (which can then be placed higher or on a different side).

2. Repainting parts of the walls: New paint changes how your room looks. But because some paints can be expensive, we recommend doing parts of your walls instead of the whole. Painting just one wall with an artful motif is one way to introduce contrast while saving money. Alternatively, painting just the part above the dado rail or 3-feet marker above the floor, are convenient ways to give your living room a whole new look. You can do the painting yourself and save on labor.

3. Large-Sized Murals: Putting up a mural is another method to obtain a completely new look for your space. Ready-made mural sheets that you can instantly hang are available for good value. They can make for an interesting backdrop when entertaining guests. The more intricate the view the greater will be the focal impact of this simple prop.

4. Go Green: Put up some potted plants from the local nursery or just use some faux creepers and hanging plant ornaments to change the colors of your room. Green is a soothing choice which also makes your room feel airier than it is. Chrysanthemums, for example, also help purify the air. Check out other ferns, petals, and more house-plant options. Also, never forget to change the water and treat your plants with appropriate insecticide. Mosquitoes and bug larvae can be a great bother when keeping too many plants around.

5. Go for Furniture Accessories: Rugs, footstools, coffee tables (if you don’t already have one), cushions, cotton throws, are some affordable accessories that you can invest your scarce resources in.

6. Get Newer Lights: “Lighting is a very effective way to change the mood and atmosphere”, says Dawn Crovo, who runs her own interior designers company in Annapolis. You can extend ordinary electrical wire to LEDs and spread them around instead of buying an expensive chandelier. You can also lighting at the coves to spread light more evenly. Change the color of your lights for a little experimentation.

7. Paint over your furniture: Changing the colors of your old furniture to match new themes can be another way to address your budget situation. You can also invest in newer sofa covers.

Living rooms are places where you get your morning coffee, read the paper, and chill out with friends and family. So, they are used often and spent time with, excessively. Is there a living room remodeling idea you’d like to try today? Check your options for interior designs in Arnold.