7 Trending Interior Design Ideas for 2021: Tips for Home Decoration

Interior Design Ideas for 2021

Keeping up with trending interior design ideas helps rejuvenate the space that you live in while enhancing the home’s value and functionality. But you can’t just blindly rush into remodeling your stairs or the hallway. You have to ensure that design elements stay in harmony and also, that they match your individual preferences while staying in tune with current themes.

This article will draw insights and give you useful tips for home decoration, drawing on research and observations from over 13 years in the industry. As you will discover, many of the year’s current trends support the concept of a clean, natural, and usable home that those living in it can find deep connections with. This is no coincidence, considering that those most enthusiastic about designing living spaces, often have passions rooted in deep bonds with family.

1. Rustic Vogue: Infusing rustic elements with modern ones is far from a new idea. However, with a number of homeowners wanting to incorporate cottage core aesthetics into bare-bone rectangles, this theme has seen a resurgence of sorts. This scheme is easier to implement if you already have exposed beams, wall panels, or wooden floorboards. However, artificial brick plaster, wooden paneling, or even self-adhesive sheets, are also options to consider. To make this look work though, you must ensure there is harmony between existing designs and cottage add-ons.

2. Wooden Window Frames: Light-textured wood is perfect for achieving Scandinavian-styled layouts that spell comfort and minimalism in the same space.

3. Canyon Dusk or Aegean Teal? As a lighter, matured shade of brown, canyon dusk offers some very interesting possibilities in wall painting that complements cottage core superbly. Aegean teal, on the other hand, is a vintage hue that never begins to grow old. The latter can be part of a cozy living room or kitchen cabinetry, being well-established for its soothing qualities on the human mind.

4. Backdrop Contrast: Adding a different color to a focus wall was a neat idea that became common a few years ago. However, in 2021, it’s best if you set up the contrast between all four walls and the ceiling. Try darker shades of blue if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Brightening Up the Room:
Lighting is visually important to set an atmosphere and an ambiance. Vintage-style chandeliers in a spacious dining room can do wonders for introducing mood and livening up the course of many a dreary meal. Hanging pendants, brass fittings on flush mounts, Bohemian lamp cases, wooden stands with bulbs serving as table lamps, Murano lamps from the 60s, sculpted sconces, and other throwbacks to the classic era are excellent extensions to indulgent interior design.

6. Organic and Natural Materials:
The trend toward eco-friendly organic materials has been on the rise for some time now. Mahogany, teak, jackfruit, cedar, and redwood have traditionally remained at the top of the wish list for luxury furniture enthusiasts. But the increasing cost of these raw materials could see some limits on growth. Cane, rattan, and wicker offer fresh alternatives for 2021, with designers getting more adventurous.

7. Repurposing Spaces: With workspaces and home offices finding increasing popularity, creating a multi-functional environment is a conscious choice. Small rooms can be repurposed to serve as living-cum-work places by improvising with transparent desks, sleek chairs, and supporting furniture. Adding extensions to walls and tabletops can also help to save space.

These are the most important interior design choices for new and existing homeowners in 2021. Is there a design you liked? Talk to Dawn Crovo for advice that fits your specific situation.