Best Residential Interior Design Services in Annapolis

Residential Interior Design

Interior design is both science and art! It is all about how our brains and bodies respond and react to the space around us. The interior design services in Annapolis are all about moulding those sensations or feelings in an optimistic direction. Here are some features of the best residential interior design services in Annapolis.

• Telephonic Conversation

The first step in booking an interior design service is having a telephonic conversation. You can start with a phone conversation to gather initial information and determine if the interior designer may be able to meet your design needs. If both you and the interior design company agree to move forward, then schedule a site review. This is generally an in-home or virtual consultation to assess your needs and provide direction for your project. There your wants, needs, wish list, goals and budget are discussed.

• Preparing before the meeting

Before the meeting, have an open conversation within the family. It is important to be on the same page with all the members. Discuss the scope of work, priorities and goals to make sure there is agreement on all important points. Make a list of questions to discuss with the interior designer to ensure all of your questions are answered. You may also go a step forward and collect some visuals of rooms, design elements, colors, or pieces that you like. Pinterest and Houzz are both great tools for capturing ideas for your project. You can also pull ideas from magazines and books. Sharing these with the designer during the meeting will surely be beneficial.

• Consultation

Once a consultation has been scheduled for your preferred service, you will have to meet the interior design consultant at your home or via video conference. In this meeting, you might discuss the details of your design needs and determine how they can help bring your vision to life. Be in touch with the interior design consultant to confirm the consultation and request any additional information needed in advance.

• Design Concept

Once they have all information needed including floor plans, inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, budget, etc. – they will schedule a design kick-off meeting with you to discuss your preferences and goals for the design. From there, they start with the layout and design direction. Then, they bring the layout to life with design boards and renderings that include options for color palettes, furnishings, finishes, fixtures, etc. It is important that before selecting materials and purchasing that everyone is collectively aligned on an approved concept for every space they are designing.

• Project Details

After the design concept is approved, the interior design company will detail out the design and pull together finalized quotes for your approval. This includes specification of furnishing/decor and selecting the construction materials that bring the approved design to life. This could include sourcing and purchasing flooring, slabs, paint, furniture, lighting and plumbing fixtures, window treatments, appliances, etc. To ensure all projects are executed as intended, they purchase and make arrangements for all materials associated with the design on your behalf by partnering with a host of trusted vendor partners. Upon the completion of this phase of work, they will be ready to prepare for construction and final install.

• Project Execution

Once all details are finalized and all items are ordered, they will begin executing all aspects of the installation and final styling. On renovation or new construction jobs, this will include overall construction project management and coordination with your contractor.

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