How to Create a Dreamy Master Bedroom Suite at your Home?

Residential Interior Designer

The bedroom is more than just the sleeping space. It’s where dreams happen. It is considered as an escape heaven where your soul rests after a busy day. A bedroom needs a lot of storage spaces as well. So, it is not about just aesthetics—but functionality as well. Why waiting for a holiday trip to enjoy a master bedroom suite in hotels? You can create your own dreamy master bedroom at your home. It can be as lavish a you want and still reflect your personal style. Being minimalistic or rustic doesn’t mean it cant be dreamy and luxurious.

Here are Some Things to Consider for a Master Bedroom Suite:

● The View

If you are building a bedroom while still into construction, consider a panoramic view of a piece of nature or the skyline of the city. Depending on what you want to wake up to, you can create a desirable view in the bedroom. A spark of the morning sun glistening on a water body or a garden is always bliss. If you are renovating a constructed space, try creating a space that can compensate for the same.

● A Private Bath

A Master Bedroom Suite means living like a king and what king shares a bathroom? A must to any master bedroom is a private bathroom. It can either be a separate room or a transparent bathroom space within the bedroom.

● Wardrobe

All extra sheets, pillows, cushions, coveralls, blankets need a storage space. There must be a built-in wardrobe, preferably wall-to-wall in a master bedroom. The cabinets incorporate storage space for the dresser and other pieces of furniture, allow for vertical hanging, and a compartment for the TV unit etc.

● Color Scheme

Choose a color palate that speaks about your personality without overlapping each other. Relaxing and soothing colors are generally the first choices for any bedroom. However, it doesn’t only include the bright, pale shades but also some darker tones and natural tones. Navy blue, dark chocolate, teal, natural wood shades are some of the examples. To follow a hue and its different tints and shades while breaking the monochrome using enough whites is the ideal way.

● Style and Decorate the Foot of the Master Bed

The foot of the bed is an unsuspecting focal point for most bedrooms but a master bedroom must have an accentuated Bed end. You can decorate the bed bench with patterns, muted tones, crocheted coverlets etc. You can also add some other furniture instead, dedicated for sitting purposes such as an armchair or sofa.

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