Interior design color trends – What’s hot and what’s not

Interior design color trends – What’s hot and what’s not

Colors in interior design demonstrate certain messages and moods, as our brains have been trained to observe them in a specific way. It’s the job of the interior designer to use them to produce the anticipated feeling you want for your home.

It’s vital to realize different colors stimulate different feelings. For example, green suggests peace and tranquillity, while a red represents hunger and is intense, and royalty represented by purple. Therefore, it’s important to be acquainted of the color palette you want to use in every space of your home. So here are some interior design color trends you will be tempted to incorporate in your home.


Want to add some punch and glamour to any interior? Well, Jewel tones are a real go-to. They come back in style over and over again. They always do the trick in fashioning environments with drama and flair whether highlighted in imbued jewel-box rooms or as pops of color in a neutral space.


Warm creams and lovely stone colors generally leave individuals feeling grounded. You can wash an entire room in the same color and finish with linen or stone. You can use terra-cotta tones, natural, and earthy tones and they will give that nice elegant look to your room.


Blue is classic and the ‘new neutral,’ which a lot of people support! Most designers don’t see blue losing popularity any time soon. It is being considered as one of the dominant colors.


In today’s environment, most individuals look forward to finding and using colors that are calming. A pleasant blue-gray arouses wellness.


This color goes with everything because saturated, rich avocado green is a blend of nearly every color in the rainbow. You can enliven it with strategic pops of brights, white, and ebony to augment warmth and drama to the cocooning factor. This color brings the cozy like nobody’s business.


Pastels are still hugely popular. Many interior designers are gravitating toward pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones. For overall color palettes these days, a mix of both spring and autumnal colors is being used.


It is not necessary that Monochromatic has to be pale. Colors like cobalt blue, Kelly green, or even aubergine can bring monochromatic in an audacious way that’s full of elegance and personality.


Dusty teal is a new color crush amongst the designers. It is a delightful neutral that pairs well with so many colors like navy, rust, camel, peach, and pale woods, such as white oak and birch.


Timeless over trendy! Moody Hues are always preferred as more timeless neutrals. These colors have been unexpectedly popular. They look rich and elegant and these days people are showing their interest in deeper, moodier colors.


Gone are the days when the cool color palette defined the last decade. The trend is now shifting towards warmer, and more organic tones. In the upcoming years, warm neutrals and tones are going to be much more popular rather than cool grays and blues.

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