Interior Design Ideas to Decorate your Home

Interior Design Ideas to Decorate your Home

If you recently moved into a new home or are simply looking to remodel, these refreshing interior design ideas – straight from the pros – will get you off to a flying start. This article is meant to provoke your creative animal with thoughts and insights into what your rooms could look like with just a little bit of guided inspiration.

If you’re just looking to put the finishing touches on an already designed room refer to the article here. For those looking to understand the basic elements of good design, take a look at the article here.

On this page, we give you descriptions of tantalizing home decor ideas and tips on how to turn that vision closer to reality. Many of the experiences are based on the experiences of actual residential interior designers in Annapolis and Arnold, MD.

Vision #1:

Play around with the old and the new: Mixing modern furniture with antique pieces can bring balanced discord to your living room. For example, you could try setting a functional oak diner for six against Victorian era chairs, under a vintage chandelier and candle stands. The result is a timeless beauty of a vision. You could also include a Gustavian rug underneath to enhance the sense of visual historicity.

Vision #2

Have you ever wondered why old mansions used to have huge murals against the wall? Designers say that murals depicting a gathering at a dinner table introduce more people to a room. So the next time you’re dining alone, consider putting a painting on your living room wall.

Vision #3

Faux Carpeting:

If you can’t afford that expensive carpet on your stairs, have the steps painted with a bright color that distinguishes itself from the color of your staircase. Extend the paint to the space before the ramp so that it looks part of one elaborate scheme. As Dawn Crovo, Arnold, MD, puts it, ‘The bolder the colors, the happier the home’.

Vision #4

Recycle and Reuse:

Don’t throw away old things that don’t fit your new interior design scheme. You can use them creatively by filling up empty spaces or setting them up against each other. Old pianos, guitar sets, settees, cushions, chairs, and even graffiti from your collection, can serve as artsy backdrops to an otherwise plain room.

Vision #5

Paint over eyesores:

What do you do with an HVAC duct that runs over your basement wall? Well, it’s not very practical to rewire your ducts not to mention hugely expensive. So, what if you just painted the ugly duct a bright pink? If you have any other eyesore in your room, such as cracks on the wall or an out-of-place window, be imaginative. For instance, you could use wallpaper to change the color of an entire section or use drapes to cover unsightly windows.

Vision #6

Circadian lighting:

Lighting that changes color with sunrise and sunset not just brightens dark rooms but also keeps your body clock working and healthy. Research shows that this particular lighting system acts as a signal for your body telling it when it should rest and when it should start becoming active.

Do you have an interior design idea that you feel we should include here? Do write and let us know.