My appreciation for a vast variety of design styles combined with over 12 years of residential design experience allows me to create spaces that are intentional and unique to every client. By carefully balancing a mix of natural textures with unique and well blended textiles, curating vintage finds with contemporary elements, my design approach is to create fresh open spaces that are inspired by the senses while carefully blending the home with it’s natural surroundings.


Once a consultation has been scheduled for your preferred service, I will meet you at your home or via video conference (depending on the service selected) to discuss the details of your design needs and determine how I can help bring your vision to life. I will be in touch to confirm the consultation and request any additional information needed in advance.

Once I have all information needed including floor plans, inspiration photos, Pinterest boards, budget, etc. I will schedule a design kick off meeting with you to discuss your preferences and goals for the design. From there, I start with the layout and design direction. Then, I bring the layout to life with design boards and renderings that include options for color palettes, furnishings, finishes, fixtures, etc. (depending on the scope of your project). It is important that before selecting materials and purchasing that everyone is collectively aligned on an approved concept for every space I am designing.

Once a design concept is approved, I detail out the design and pull together finalized quotes for your approval. This includes specification of furnishing/decor and selecting the construction materials that bring the approved design to life. This could include sourcing and purchasing flooring, slabs, paint, furniture, lighting and plumbing fixtures, window treatments, appliances, etc. To ensure all projects are executed as intended, I purchase and make arrangements for all materials associated with the design on your behalf by partnering with a host of trusted vendor partners. Upon the completion of this phase of work, I will be ready to prepare for construction and/or final install (if applicable).

Once all details are finalized and all items are ordered, I will begin executing all aspects of the installation and final styling. On renovation or new construction jobs, this will include overall construction project management and coordination with your contractor.




How do I work with Dawn Crovo Interior Designer?

We start with a phone conversation to gather initial information and determine if DCID may be able to meet your design needs. If we both agree to move forward, we will schedule a site review. This is a 60-minute in-home or virtual consultation to assess your needs and provide direction for your project. We will discuss your wants, needs, wish list, goals and budget. If we both agree that it is a good fit, DCID will present a proposal for the design work.  Once a contract is signed, work begins. Depending upon the scope of work, we will lay out specific timelines, steps, and expectations.

How do I prepare for our meeting?

Before the meeting, have an open dialog between household partners. Discuss the scope of work, priorities and goals and ensure there is agreement on the points that are important to each partner. Make a list of questions to discuss with me to ensure all of your questions are answered. It’s not essential, but collecting  visuals of rooms, design elements, colors, or pieces that you like or are drawn to is really helpful. Pinterest and Houzz are both great tools for capturing ideas for your project. You can also pull ideas from magazines and books. Sharing these with us during the meeting is beneficial.

How do I determine my budget?

The budget is what you actually have to invest in your project.  Your job is to determine the amount that you are willing and able to invest in your home. It is our job to take that determined amount and best allocate the funds to fulfill your needs. At the end of the day, things cost what they cost. We maximize that amount based on your specific scope of work and priorities.

Why should I hire Dawn Crovo Interior Design?

When you purchase interior design services, you are purchasing the expertise that comes from education, years of experience, and natural abilities. In many ways, you are purchasing peace of mind. We save you time, money and headaches while bringing your dream home to life.

Working with DCID will

  • Save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and bad purchases
  • Save you time by doing the legwork for you, and accessing our knowledge and resources
  • Create innovative and unique solutions to your specific problems, needs, and desires
  • Spend time focusing on the styling details, which is the difference between a room that is OK and a room that is stunning
  • Help you make decisions with confidence based on our expertise, detailed specifications and visual resources
  • Make you aware of unique choices available and give you the confidence to try something new
  • Make the most of what you already have
  • Provide access to products beyond the chain retail stores, and utilizing trusted contractors and craftspeople
  • Communicate the design vision and expectations with contractors, installers, vendors and craftspeople to ensure the construction and implementation go smoothly and with less stress

How will you manage my budget?

Before we begin work, we dig into the specifics of your investment amount. Not only the specific dollar amount you have to invest, but also your comfort levels within that amount. We discuss your wish list and investment amount. If those are out of alignment, we discuss what CAN be achieved within your desired budget. We discuss and agree on the priorities of the design to ensure the budget is allocated toward the priorities.

DCID uses a program called Design Files to track and communicate design projects. Design Files includes budgeting tools allowing us to allocate budget amounts to the total project and each individual piece within a project.

How long should I expect it to take for my design project to be completed?

We like to say the relationship between DCID and our clients is a marriage, not a date. We are going to be working together for a while and we’ll get to know quite a bit about each other.

In general, remodeling projects can take six months or longer to complete, while a decorating project will take closer to 3-4 months. The duration of the project is not set in stone and hinges on many factors. If you make decisions quickly, if you are available and responsive, the project will be completed sooner. If you need a little bit more time to mull things over or have limited availability, it could increase the time necessary to complete the project.

It is best to contact us as early as possible to discuss your potential project.